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Evertio helps companies launch a privacy program by providing basic privacy education and privacy tools. 

Our software features include data mapping, assessments, privacy and cookie policy generator and many more.

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Why do you need a Privacy Program?

Learn about why you need a privacy program, not only a privacy policy.


Comply with the latest privacy law

For example, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in 2020. Failure to comply can get you fined in two ways:

  1. The California Attorney General can bring civil actions for up to $2,500 for each violation of the CCPA or up to $7,500 per each intentional violation.
  2. Consumers can file individual or class actions following a data breach and recover between $100 and $750 per consumer per incident or actual damages, whichever is greater.


Partnership with large enterprises​

Large enterprises must conduct vendor risk assessments – if you are a vendor, having a privacy program will save you time in closing that deal.


Startups due-diligence

For fundraising and acquisition, startups will require a privacy compliance check.


Applying for Cyber liability insurance

Protecting your software business with cyber liability insurance will require you to confirm that you have an active privacy program.

Start your Privacy Program Now

We offer a 7-day free trial, no credit card required


Privacy Education Module

Resources and Steps for you to start a DIY Privacy Program

Basic privacy tools

Privacy and Cookie Policy Generators, Data Mapping, Data Subject Request and more

attorney-designed software

Software designed to help mitigate legal risks

What people say about us

As a start-up founder, a privacy policy is not top of mind. However, it is important... and complicated. That is why I am glad that Evertio makes it much easier to figure out and help me understand which choices we make as a business impact our data privacy. Working with Evertio ensures that we understand what we need to do to be compliant.
Jeff Coleman
CEO, BrainLeap Technologies, Inc.
I'm a small business owner who knows nothing about data privacy, but the founders are very helpful and Evertio product is designed to provide the basics for a business owner like me who doesn't know about data privacy. I learned a lot (especially about cookies and cookies policy!) and their product helps me understand what I need to do to be compliant with privacy laws and regulations.
Mila Wang
MK Pâtisserie, Pennsylvania
Evertio gave me clear and concise data privacy education that is applicable to my situation. As a small business owner, data privacy wasn't a top priority for us - we only knew our website should probably have a privacy policy. Evertio helped me understand that complying with privacy laws and regulations goes beyond than just having a privacy policy on our website. As data privacy increasingly becomes a consumer expectation, I'm glad that we are now moving in a better direction to understand about our legal obligations and protect our consumers’ information.
Christy Hioe

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